Wanting to reserve a private tour of my dungeon? First I need to get a little information from you. Once I have the information, you and I can discuss your tour. Please keep in mind

  • ALL tours are always CF.
  • Must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.
  • You will need to reserve your tour by sending a 20% deposit.
  • Please plan ahead. There are absolutely no exceptions to these policies.


Verification is always required. If you don’t intend to go through the process then do us both a favor, then stop now. Verification can be painless and easy if you just go with it. It is a must, and I won’t even answer any email that does not have the required information. Verification typically takes about 24-48 hours once I have all the required information. So plan ahead. Thank you in advance for sending the required information.

I have no interest in doing anything with the information you give me beyond verification. My only interest is in protecting me. I would not have been in this business as long as I have been if I did nefarious things with your information. Want to know why I need all this information? Then read this little piece I wrote.

What information do I need?

Well that depends on which route you want to go. I have 3 ways I can verify you.

Employment Verification

1. A photo copy of your government issued photo ID.
2. Your professional email address. E.g.
3. You work phone extension.

After I have all the items above, I will arrange a quick verification with you. Don’t worry. I have a generic enough looking email that I will email you from. I will send you a pretty mundane email with a password in it. Then at our prearranged time, I will call you, very generically. You will somehow state the password (it will be something easy like “blue”) and then we end the call. It’s super easy, takes about 30 seconds.

Personal Verification

1. A photo copy of your government issued photo ID.
2. A photo of you holding your government issued photo ID.
3. A primary email address (no protonmail emails, no dead emails).

After I have the above items, I will send you an email. Like above, it’s a pretty generic email address. Then, at our prearranged time, I will call you and do a voice verification. Just like above, it’s super easy. Takes about 30 seconds.

Provider Verification

1. A photocopy of your government issued photo ID.
I hope you are noticing a pattern here…
2. References from 2 providers from with in the LAST 6 MONTHS
(this means I need her email a/o phone number)
3. A link to her profile, listing, website. SOMETHING.

I hope you are beginning to notice a pattern. After I have the above items I will contact the providers. I do check references. Because I have to get into contact with the two providers you gave me, it might take a couple days. Once the providers and I have been in contact, I will email you with further instructions. We will do a voice verification just like above.

Ok, You have everything together. Now what?

I do realize that you will not be able to send photos via my contact form.
So what do you send me in your INITIAL CONTACT?

  • Requested date & time of your tour.
  • The type of fetish experience you had in mind.

I will then respond to your email and you will post haste send me a copy of your photo ID (and if using the personal verification method, the photo of you holding your ID). I absolutely will not communicate with you any further unless I have all requested items.

Once I have all the aforementioned items, I will give you access to the rest of my site. You will get to enjoy pictures, video excerpts, my blog, and more.


Then get your shit together and send me your verification items now!

Just In Case….

If you missed it above:

  • All tours are CF ONLY
  • 20% of your donation is required to reserve your tour
  • I do check references
  • Tours must be booked at least 48 hours in advance
  • There are no exceptions to the policies above